The make-up removal ritual

The make-up removal/cleansing ritual is essential to protect your skin’s capital, even when you're not wearing make-up! 
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Make-up removal, cleansing, hydration… The make-up removal and cleansing ritual is essential and necessary even if you don't usually wear make-up. Over the course of the day, your skin is subjected to a range of aggressions (pollution, sun, cold, smoking, etc.). It is therefore essential to deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin to leave it supple and soft.
There are various ways to ensure that this ritual is enjoyable, everyone has their own method!

Start by washing your hands: they are in permanent contact with the outside world, all day long, and are full of bacteria. It is therefore important to wash your hands before starting your beauty routine.

Make-up removal products

Micellar water:

If you don't want to spend20 minutes in front of the mirror every night, a make-up removing micellar water is the best option for you. It doesn't need to be rinsed-off and combines make-up removal, cleansing and hydrating properties.

Make-up remover lotion:
If you prefer creamier textures such as make-up remover lotions, your beauty ritual might take a little longer. A make-up remover lotion is applied by massaging with the fingertips, using circular movements, from the oval of the face moving up towards the temples. This will ensure that all impurities are eliminated. Wipe with a cotton pad or paper tissue, and complete the cleansing ritual by applying a gentle moisturizing lotion.

Cleansing gel:
Finally, if you prefer rinse-off cleansing gels, use the same application method as the make-up remover lotion. Use a soft, damp shower glove or cloth wipes to work up a lather. These materials create an emollient effect and remove all product, make-up and impurities.
Tap water is often hard and can dry out the skin. To rinse, opt for a spring water spray or a toning lotion.


It is important to hydrate the skin before going to bed. The skin is mainly composed of water and regenerates itself at night. The make-up removal ritual combined with the use of a moisturizer, a night cream, or any other moisturizer (depending on your skin's needs) will therefore help restore the skin’s barrier function, ensuring the best possible start to the day!

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