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Perspiration-induced eczema

Eczema and perspiration: how does it impact daily life?

Avoid any sources for perspiration

Perspiration is a major source of irritation, which can aggravate or even trigger an eczema flare-up. Simultaneously, sweat running onto eczema lesions can trigger tingling and burning sensations. Several situations can cause perspiration:
  • Stress
When under stress, we suddenly begin to sweat profusely on our hands and also the rest of the body;
  • Clothing
Certain types of clothing cause us to perspire: clothing that is too thick, too tight or made of synthetic fibers;
  • Climate
Climate conditions: in summer, it can get very hot and we perspire more easily;
  • Physical activity
Physical activity: sport is a major cause of perspiration, especially when practiced intensively (training, competitions, etc.)

Tips and tricks

To combat perspiration, there are simple steps we must follow in both winter and summer:
  • Fight stress:
This is sometimes easier said than done!
  • Choose the right clothes:
Avoid clothing that will keep you too warm. Opt for several layers of clothing so that you can easily remove layers as needed; choose loose clothing and/or made from natural fibers;
  • Adapt to climate:
In summer, walk with a towel to dab yourself dry and a spray bottle of thermal spring water to keep cool;
  • What about sports?
All sports are allowed, even the most intense. However, be sure to warm up properly and drink enough water; special breathable sports clothing must first be tested before use during sports and during remission phase, to verify that they do not cause a skin reaction; during sports, walk with a towel to dab skin and a spray bottle of thermal spring water to keep cool; after your sports session, take a quick shower and dry off by dabbing with a soft towel, then apply an emollient.