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How should you style your hair in case of hair loss?

Many patients suffering from hair loss would like to get a new haircut or change their hairstyle. The objective: to better live with this condition which, although benign, can sometimes have a serious psycho-social impact. Here are a few tips to better live with hair loss and alopecia on a daily basis.

Alopecia in women: Which style works best?

For both men and women, getting a haircut or a new hairstyle (depending on how advanced and severe the hair loss is) can be a good way to better live with alopecia. In any case, this is the first solution to try before turning to hair transplants or grafts, which, although the most long-term solution, it is also the most expensive.

So, what are the best hairstyles for women with alopecia? Short haircuts are ideal for hiding bald spots on the scalp. These styles have the benefit of making hair appear healthier. Hairstyles which require little maintenance and thus limit the use of harsh heated devices and hair care products that are poorly adapted to hair loss.

Short hair: how to take the leap

Pixie cut, boy cut, taper cut... the possibilities are endless! Opt for an energizing cut to fight against hair loss. If you do not feel ready to make this change, having your hair cut gradually can help with the transition. Above all, seek advice from your hairstylist/visagist, who will help you choose THE perfect cut for your morphology. Thanks to their expertise, a few skillful snips of the scissors is all it takes to put your mind at ease and help you better live with alopecia.

Of course, in addition to these good anti-hair loss habits, be sure to consult a dermatologist. He or she will be able to diagnose the type of hair loss you have and will help you manage and treat the condition.

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