How to deal with dry skin and spots

Having both dry skin and spots is a sort of double curse. Between feelings of discomfort and an unsightly appearance, you may feel less than beautiful when looking in the mirror. But not to worry! You can combat both of these problems at the same time and we’ll explain how.
  • how-to-deal-with-dry-skin-and-spots-ictyane
  • how-to-deal-with-dry-skin-and-spots-ictyane
Contrary to popular belief, spots and dry skin can go hand in hand. These little skin complaints can appear in no time and make your life difficult, no matter what your age! The big question is “how can you solve these issues without making the situation worse”?

Can dry skin cause spots to appear? 

Generally speaking, we tend to associate spots with oily skin, but this is not always the case. Dry skin causes the epidermis to become physiologically fragile, thus making it fertile ground for spots. The causes are, of course, different from inflammation on oily skin. In the case of dry skin, the triggers are often from external factors: temperature fluctuations, stress, pollution, poor diet, overly harsh cosmetics, etc. Whatever the cause, the result is a vicious circle: the skin dries out, the skin barrier becomes fragile, transepidermal water loss speeds up, and ultimately the epidermal barrier function becomes less resistant to external aggressions. Skin feels tight, becomes flaky, and small spots may appear. This form of inflammatory acne manifests as small red spots and little cysts.

How to fight against spots on dry skin 

It is possible to get rid of dry skin and spots if you adopt a daily skin care routine.

According to dermatologists, the key is gentleness. Thus, avoid using products that strip the skin of its natural oils.
  1. The first step is cleansing. Cleanse your face in the morning and evening using gentle, soap-free skin care with a physiological pH and containing no irritating agents.
  2. Then, apply a hydrating cream developed specially for your skin. Opt for a cream that is formulated to combat both of these issues. This will ensure the twofold benefit of providing the right dose of hydration to fight skin dryness while also limiting the appearance of spots. Feel free to seek advice from a dermatologist or pharmacist to select the right product that best meets your needs. 

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