Our expertise on hair loss

At Ducray Dermatological Laboratories, for more than 90 years, we have been committed to improving the quality of life of people with skin and scalp conditions.

To bring you truly useful and innovative skincare routines, we have adopted the principle of approaching pathologies holistically from their clinical symptoms to their psychological and physical impact. And to be even more precise in the solutions we offer, we have set up an uncompromising approach that consists of involving patients and dermatologists in our thought process.

This is how we manage to develop products that are safe, effective, easy to apply and well tolerated to better manage dermatological disorders, including hair loss.

Hair loss, whether chronic or occasional, affects approximately 35 million men and 21 million women worldwide1. Contrary to popular belief, it is very common and it should not be trivialized and you must learn to recognize the type of hair loss that concerns you. Stress, fatigue, nutritional deficiency, childbirth, hormonal disorders, drug treatments, genetics... The causes are numerous. Although it can be reversible in some cases, hair loss can lead to a loss of confidence and self-esteem.

For all these reasons, since 1997, we have been innovating constantly to co-create the most effective solutions to stop chronic hair loss and treat occasional hair loss.

1Source: The Hair society 2015.

We put you at the heart of our approach

Who better than you, to enlighten us on the observed symptoms, perceived sensations, and noted progress? Who, more than you, can tell us about the questions you ask yourself, the repercussions on your morale and the consequences felt in your daily life?

Know your needs and expectations

This year, more than 315,000 internet searches on hair loss were studied by our teams to find out what concerns you: how to treat, fight, cure and prevent hair loss? Which ingredients? Which practitioners or treatments?

At the same time, a study conducted in 4 countries (France, Italy, Germany and Mexico) has enabled us to better understand your behaviors in the face of hair loss: loss of self-confidence, fear of heredity, change in styling habits, search for product solutions. So many doubts and characteristic reactions that we have taken into account to support you beyond the adapted treatments and care routines.

Co-creating care with you

Our desire to provide better care for chronic or reactive hair loss, has logically led us to include you in our thought processes and work groups. Our range of made-to-measure products is the result of our close dialogue with you.

It is through the personal experiences of nearly 550 patients with chronic hair loss that we have been able to, for example:
  • grant your wish for a solution that acts on both hair loss and growth;
  • create the new packaging for NEOPTIDE EXPERT to improve clarity and facilitate better understanding;
  • develop simple and quick routines.
Your involvement at every stage of product development is a powerful driver that continually pushes us towards excellence and innovation. It is very useful to us and feeds the researchers responsible for these Ducray Dermatological Laboratories advances in hair loss.

"During these work groups, the first thing patients asked for was to be able to identify their own type of hair loss from the many that exist, as well as the degree of severity. They then wanted to be given information to help them better understand their condition and how to treat it as effectively as possible. "
Valérie Hecht
Ducray anti-hair loss product manager


Health professionals, key partners

Working in close collaboration with researchers, dermatologists and world-renowned hair surgeons, has allowed us to bolster our thought processes, accelerate our research and enrich our expertise.

The key to this approach:
  • the selection of high-performance active ingredients;
  • the creation of innovative solutions;
  • the development of adapted routines;
  • the development of pleasant galenics that facilitate the application and absorption of active ingredients.

Since 1997, some of our targeted active ingredients dedicated to the treatment of hair loss have been patented and several publications have appeared in influential dermatological journals.

Reactive hair loss expertise

Being innovative is our priority. In 3 years, our laboratories have developed a complete range of anti-hair loss treatments for comprehensive IN & OUT* care.

So, in case of stress, fatigue, nutritional deficiency or pregnancy, we propose a simple routine to nourish your hair from the inside and stimulate it from the outside. To combine CREASTIM REACTIV and ANACAPS REACTIV, is to combine efficacy and naturalness, health and beauty.

Our committed, expert teams have gone above and beyond the development of the innovative CREASTIM REACTIV formula. They have also worked to make the lotion's galenic formulations pleasant, non-greasy and non-sticky, and to develop a more precise application system in the form of a pipette. So many innovations to transform each application into a massage, guaranteeing rapid efficacy.

*On the inside and outside

The IN & OUT approach*

The latest scientific data shows that the IN & OUT* approach is suited to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from hair loss:

98% of dermatologists recommend taking dietary supplements to correct the nutritional deficiencies that cause hair loss3

85% of dermatologists recommend the use of topical cosmetics with active ingredients that target the hair follicle3

3Source: JEADV 2021


Chronic hair loss expertise

In collaboration with a hair surgeon and a professor emeritus in Dermatology, we have developed NEOPTIDE EXPERT.

NEOPTIDE EXPERT is the major innovation for the management of chronic hair loss. It is the solution that will improve the quality of life of many women and men who suffer from alopecia. Its unique formula anchors the hair in the scalp thanks to an exclusive ingredient developed for the first time: AnchoraneTM .

Anti-hair loss efficacy perceived by 7 out of 10 people**

**% of satisfaction. Use study carried out on 137 subjects with chronic hair loss for 3 months.



AnchoraneTM, extracted from milk thistle, is the natural and patented*** active ingredient at the heart of the NEOPTIDE EXPERT innovation.

It is the exclusive ingredient developed to increase hair anchorage and stimulate hair growth.

***Patent pending.

Do you want to better understand hair loss?

In this video, Dr. Didier Coustou, Ducray's partner dermatologist, explains the different types of hair loss, their causes and the most effective treatments: from a simple change of routine to hair surgery.


Ducray, a committed brand

Following in the footsteps of Albert Ducray, our teams are focused on a precise objective: to be truly useful to you.

To this end, we have realized that it is together that we strengthen the relevance of our research and succeed in creating care that improves your quality of life.

Our mission goes further:
  • We are committed to the scientific community: By participating in all the international dermatological congresses, by carrying out solid pharmacological and clinical studies that lead to publications in world-renowned scientific journals, we contribute to the advancement of hair loss research.
  • In addition, we are funding a haircare award to support young researchers in the field.
  • We are committed to cancer patients: by taking concrete action to improve the management of the undesirable effects of the disease: hair loss, dermatological problems of the scalp related to treatments.
  • We are committed to the dermo-cosmetics of the future: By acting within the collective movement Conscious Care. With the brands of the Pierre Fabre Group, we are working for the environment, eco-design, naturalness, scientific progress and better living.
It is through all these actions that we contribute to improving the quality of life of patients every day.

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