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The Ducray website reveals its new look!

Since September, DUCRAY has been revealing its new brand identity around the world (new logo, packaging and communication campaign) and now it’s the website's turn to be revamped with new colors! 

New look for the Ducray website

Since September, we have gradually been revealing our new brand identity: our new Ducray logo, our new product packaging now available at points of sale, and lastly, our new communication campaign.

Now it’s our website's turn to be revamped with our new colors!

Discover this new look on our website right away! So, do you like it? A little bit, a lot, really a lot? Do you think it’s more colorful, faster, more modern? We'd love to hear your feedback! Contact us via our Facebook page, via our live chat service on the website, or send us an email !

New look, same mission

This new image supports our mission (which remains exactly the same), to change your daily life: to help you rediscover a sense of well-being and freedom in your daily routine, by always providing more innovative and useful skin and hair care products, tailored to your needs.

We hope that you like this new and fresh approach, (just as much as we do!), and that thanks to our products, just like David, Julie, Audrey, Zoe, Anna, Roman, Charlotte and Clara, what's most important to you is living life to the fullest.

And this is only the beginning! Lots more surprises are in store for 2018…! New services and new content will be available keeping you better informed and offering daily help and advice!

Find all our useful innovations here on our Youtube channel Ducray France!
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