DENSIAGE – Thin and brittle hair

DENSIAGE – Thin and brittle hair

Over time, hair becomes less dense and thick and more fragile – this is hair aging. Discover DENSIAGE, a care range with powerful antioxidants (Albizia and Ginseng) that helps to fight hair and scalp aging and to restore volume and thickness to your hair.

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Learn more about fine & brittle hair
Learn more about fine & brittle hair

Our care routines for hair thickness and density

What is hair aging?

We often talk about skin aging (wrinkles, loss of firmness, brown spots, etc.) but the skin is not the only thing to bear the marks of the passing of time. Over the years, the nature of hair also transforms: hair is less dense, it loses thickness and volume. Hair becomes thinner, grows less quickly and grey hairs appear. It’s hair aging: this natural phenomenon can be seen in both men and women. 
Do you have questions about hair aging? To better understand, discover our infographic on hair aging.   

When should I use the DENSIAGE range?

Discover our DENSIAGE care routines adapted to each situation:
Treatment phase:

Do you feel like your hair is less thick than before? Do you have fine, thinning and brittle hair?

  • Discover the DENSIAGE care routine for thicker, fuller hair, in the treatment phase: effective care products to thicken hair while densifying it.
  • The men’s aging haircare routine at the treatment phase is effective on hair and scalp aging: it acts on the thickness, density and softness of the hair.


  • The DENSIAGE preventive haircare routine for thicker hair is an ideal care routine to prevent hair thinning and promote thicker, more supple and fuller hair.

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