KERACNYL - Oily or acne-prone skin

KERACNYL - Oily or acne-prone skin

The KERACNYL range has been designed for oily or acne-prone skin. It enables effective treatment thanks to targeted active ingredients. Everyone can find their ideal routine, either for use on its own or in combination with medicinal treatments depending on the intensity and characteristics of their condition.

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Learn more about oily and acne-prone skin
Learn more about oily and acne-prone skin

Our care routines for acne-prone skin

What is acne?

Acne is a very common, inflamed dermatosis that affects mainly teenagers but also increasingly more adults. Acne develops in flare-ups and can peak or “ rebound effect ” at the end of summer after exposure to the sun. Effective treatment from the first spots can limit their development and the formation of marks. For appropriate treatment, it may also be necessary to consult a dermatologist.   

When should I use the KERACNYL range?

What is the best treatment for oily skin?

The KERACNYL Foaming gel and KERACNYL Mat are ideal for oily skin to gently purify it and reduce excess sebum production. Discover our mattifying routine.

What is the best solution for skin with blackheads and some white spots?

The most suitable KERACNYL treatments are those that will unclog pores. As a result of the build-up of sebum mixed with excess skin cells, blackheads or white spots may form. A beauty routine combining KERACNYL Foaming gel andKERACNYL Glycolic+ leads to clear skin. Discover our care routine for blackheads and white spots.

What is the best solution for skin with red spots?

KERACNYL PP+ is the ideal care product for this type of skin, either on its own or combined with a treatment. It is used after cleansing the skin with the appropriate cleansing routine: KERACNYL Foaming gel. If necessary, KERACNYL spot care can be used as a complement to other care products. Discover the care routine adapted for imperfections.

What is the best solution for acne-prone skin in adults?

The daily use of KERACNYL serum, alone or in combination with medicinal treatments, acts on blemishes but also on the first signs of aging and limits residual marks. Discover our blemish care routine for adults.

What is the best solution for skin that has become dry and irritated from treatment?

The KERACNYL REPAIR Cream provide a real soothing effect on skin undergoing treatment. They moisturize, nourish and repair even the driest skin.



Discover our intense repair face routine


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