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The history of Ducray Dermatological Laboratories

A man, a story, an encounter.

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Albert Ducray, the courage and vision of a man

Albert Ducray was born in 1901, with the arrival of the new century. The son of a dermatologist and a young hairdresser in Belle Époque Paris, Albert Ducray noticed how soap powders, used at the time as shampoo, weakened and dulled the hair.
Between 1929 and 1931 he created his own brand, Dr Ducray, and invented LIK soap, an innovative range of single-dose shampoos adapted to different hair types.
After the war, Albert Ducray, having been liberated, explored a new distribution channel for his products: pharmacies. This was the beginning of a success story.

My father’s qualities? Curiosity and attention to the world around him. Not only did he sense the changing times, but he was ahead of them. He was a pioneer.


Ducray, a French story

90 Years ago, Albert Ducray's curiosity revolutionized hair care. He created his own shampoo range. Discover the whole story:

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Pierre Fabre, a decisive encounter

In 1969, Albert Ducray met Pierre Fabre. Their work is reflected in their common points of view and ambitions. Pierre Fabre Laboratories, already invested in cutting-edge hair research, acquired Ducray.
This alliance gave the brand a new impetus and accelerated its development. 
A development that took shape with the creation of the Extra-Gentle shampoo, presented during medical visits. The first frequent-use shampoo to respect the balance of the scalp, it became a cult product that has stood the test of time.
From loss of hair density to sensitive skin, a complete range of expert care products was then created to cover the main hair disorders.

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Ducray, from hair to skin

In the 1980s, Ducray, backed by the confidence of doctors, took up the challenge of skin care.
The brand thus continued its path in dermatological research and designed a set of targeted solutions to deal with the hair and skin conditions that can affect us all. 
In the 90s, no fewer than 20 models were launched. Among them, reference products, passed down from one generation to the next, such as Keracnyl, which went on to become one of the most prescribed care by doctors for acne-prone skin***.
In the 2000s all these products crossed borders to be distributed on all continents. They are now distributed in more than 80 countries.

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Ducray, an unchanged spirit and motto

In 2010, Ducray began a new phase of development with a strong conviction: useful innovation.
Because at Ducray, innovation has always meant designing products that improve daily life, acting scientifically to provide lasting relief, and believing that we can always go further in the treatment of dermatological condition.
To better achieve this and offer innovative products, the brand is developing a contributory approach, involving patients and health professionals.

The Ducray story began in a hairdressing salon with the courage and vision of one man, Albert Ducray.

From the first Dr Ducray shampoos to Anaphase or Anacaps, which slow down loss of hair density , and Kertyol P.S.O., composed of 4 complementary care , dedicated to soothe dry plaques-prone skin, Ducray has never ceased and will never cease to aim at improving the quality of life of its patients.

Following the example of Dexyane med, soothing repair cream*, the result of 11 years of research, this care indicated for soothing atopic-prone skin of the hands, with a "dressing effect", has demonstrated its efficacy clinically onlesions.

It is therefore only natural that in 2020, Ducray entered a new phase in its history and created the quality of life index.

The objective: to measure the impact of dermatological disorders on patients' lives precisely in order to better guide and accompany them on a daily basis.

Ducray, 90 years of useful innovation



A family story

Albert Ducray was born in Paris. He was the son of Jean-Baptiste Ducray, a dermatologist. This inspiring heritage led him to take an interest in hair and skin disorders.



Care tailored to each hair type

Hairdresser Albert Ducray shows that soap powders weaken the hair. He creates the LIK range, the first single-dose shampoos adapted to different hair types.



Partner of pharmacies

Albert Ducray explores a new distribution circuit for his products: pharmacies. They provide better visibility and the professional endorsement of pharmacists.



A decisive encounter

Albert Ducray meets Pierre Fabre. The two men combine their ambitions for the benefit of the brand's reputation and development.



Gentleness in everyday life

The Extra-gentle shampoo is presented during a medical visit. 20 years later, he is the market leader in shampoos sold in pharmacies in France and Europe.*



The first Ducray skin care product



The Ducray brand continues its path in dermatology research

In the 1990s, no less than 20 products are launched: dermatologists now have a range of care products to help them deal with their patients' dermatological problems.



A complete range of care for acne-prone skin

Creation of Keracnyl, the dermo-cosmetic range of Ducray laboratories which offers a comprehensive treatment of acne-prone skin.



Slowing down hair loss 

Launch of Neoptide, aiming to slow down loss of hair density. Neoptide for men to be launched in 2015.



An innovative care for acne-prone skin

Keracnyl evolves thanks to Myrtacine, the first patented active ingredient to target the key bacteria (C.Acnes) responsible for pimples.



Soothe atopy-prone skin

The result of 11 years of research, Dexyane med, soothing repair cream **, to soothe atopic-prone skin of the hands, with a "dressing effect", has clinically proven efficacy on eczema lesions. 



Strengthening weak hair 

For chronic or occasional loss of hair density , Anacaps, Anaphase + and Creastim are solutions adapted to each cause and contribute to strong hair.



Targeting eyelid prone to atopy

Dexyane completes its range with Dexyane Med Palpebral**, an adapted formula designed to treat atopic lesions of the eyelids.



Accompanying care for skin prone to dry plaques

The new Kertyol P.S.Orange, with 4 complementary products to soothe skin prone to dry plaques.

*Extra-Gentle N°1 in the market for liquid shampoos (excluding MA) in a pharmacies in France. IQVIA - Pharmatrend Pharmaone - liquid shampoo market (excluding MA) in pharmacies in France - 2020 - volume and value.

**DEXYANE MED soothing repair cream for face, body and hands. Read the instructions in the leaflet carefully. Not to be used on pregnant or breastfeeding women, on mucous membranes, or on the diaper area of children. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. From 3 months old. Manufacturer: Pierre Fabre Medical Devices. 
DEXYANEMED, Palpebral, for eyelids. Read the instructions in the leaflet carefully. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. From 3 months old. Manufacturer: Pierre Fabre Medical Devices. Updated: April 2020. 241023.

***Keracnyl PP 30ML N°1 on the market for anti-seborrheic care prescribed by doctors in France. IQVIA - Xponent PharmaOne - market for anti-seborrheic care prescribed by doctors in pharmacies in France - year 2018 - in volume.

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