What is sensitive scalp?

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The skin is a complete organ that contains nerve fibers and neuromediators. This enables us to feel itching, tingling and tightness, especially on the scalp, which is rich in nerve endings. These symptoms can be an indication of a scalp disease (hair loss, dandruff condition, dermatosis). However, when these symptoms appear in an isolated manner, they are defined as sensitive scalp.
Sensitive scalp is characterized by a group of unpleasant sensations related to the sensitive skin syndrome, the most commonly occurring being pruritus (or itching) which triggers the desire to scratch.
Sensitive scalp is a common clinical reality. An epidemiological study using a questionnaire shows that 44.2% of the French population (47.4% of women) reports having sensitive scalp. * Misery L, Sibaud V, Ambonati M, Macy G, Boussetta S, Taïeb C. «Sensitive scalp : does this condition exist ? An epidemiological study». Contact dermatitis Vol 58, n°4, April 2008.

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