CREASTIM REACTIV - Occasional hair loss

Dermatologists recommend leave-in hair loss lotions containing active ingredients that act directly on the hair follicle as they help to slow down hair loss and boost growth. They are particularly recommended to compensate for hair loss after pregnancy or during dieting or periods of stress, such as COVID-19 related stress. Discover CREASTIM REACTIV leave-in anti-hair loss lotion with efficacy from the first month of application*, proven under dermatological control. *Controlled comparative clinical study versus neutral shampoo. Measurements carried out on 100 women experiencing hair loss.

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Hair loss: diagnose yourself

Hair loss: diagnose yourself

Are you losing your hair? 
What is your hair loss type? 

Identify your hair loss type through our diagnostic test and discover the care routine adapted to your hair’s needs.

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Learn more about occasional hair loss
Learn more about occasional hair loss

Our care routines for hair loss

When should I use the CREASTIM REACTIV range?

To stimulate hair growth and to restore volume and healthy hair, CREASTIM REACTIV leave-in treatment is the solution to occasional hair loss.
Its formula of 93% natural origin ingredients stimulates rapid hair growth and increases its density and strength.
Formulated with specific active ingredients that act on hair regrowth and vitamin B, in particular biotin to contribute to the synthesis of keratin, the CREASTIM REACTIV anti-hair loss lotion has everything you need to counteract reactive hair loss.   

Discover the Women’s occasional hair loss routine, for situations of under 6 months
Discover the Men's occasional hair loss routine, for situations of under 6 months 
Discover the occasional hair loss routine, to adopt in cases of pregnancy, breastfeeding or post-birth

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