SENSINOL - Itching skin and scalp

SENSINOL - Itching skin and scalp

Itching on the skin or scalp is very common and may have various causes. On an occasional or recurring basis, it may become a real problem in daily life. Discover the SENSINOL range, which offers targeted treatments for the scalp and body to calm itching and soothe your skin.

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Everything you need to know about itching or skin pruritus

Everything you need to know about itching or skin pruritus

• What causes pruritus?
• How do you detect pruritus?
• How do you treat pruritus?
• Our care routines

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Learn more about itching on skin and scalp
Learn more about itching on skin and scalp

Our care routines for pruritis

Itchy skin and scalp

Pruritis is the medical term used to define the sensation of itching – an unpleasant sensation on the surface of our skin or scalp, leading to the need to scratch.   

Itching may occur on a specific area of the body, or it can be more generalized and widespread. Itching is considered to be chronic when it lasts for over 6 weeks.
When we feel the need to scratch, it is important to identify the cause. Itching can be caused by many factors, which may be associated with other symptoms resulting from dermatological conditions such aseczema, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis. The diagnosis then allows you to find the best solution to calm itching.
On the scalp, pollution, stress and unsuitable hair products can weaken your scalp, making it more sensitive and causing itching.
On the body, hard water, cold or heat can make your skin feel even drier, resulting in feelings of tightness and itching.
The daily use of appropriate cleansing and care products will soothe the sensitized area.


When should I use the SENSINOL range?

When your itching is not caused by a condition and is not associated with other symptoms, it may just be that your skin has been weakened by everyday irritations such as changes in the weather, stress or inappropriate cleansing products. 

The SENSINOL range has been specially designed to soothe itching. Adopt the right care routine now with products adapted to your skin, both for your body and your scalp.


The SENSINOL care routine for an irritated and weakened scalp:

  1. SENSINOL physio-protective treatment shampoo for sensitive scalps in need of relief. It offers immediate comfort and soothes itching from the very first use.
  2. SENSINOL leave-in soothing physio-protective serum to be applied directly to very sensitive and itchy scalps for immediate relief.

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The SENSINOL care routine for itchy skin:

  1. SENSINOL soothing cleansing oil gently cleanses the skin, neutralizes hard water and soothes itching and irritation.
  2. In addition, apply SENSINOL physio-protective soothing lotion which soothes itchy skin from the first use. 

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