Eczema Expertise

Eczema can occur at any stage of life: in infants, children, adults, pregnant women, or even the elderly. Since 2009, we have been committed to involving you, whatever your situation, in every step of the development of our products.

At Ducray Dermatological Laboratories, for more than 90 years, we have been committed to improving the quality of life of people with skin and scalp problems.

In order to bring you truly useful and innovative skin care routines, we approach pathologies holistically, from clinical symptoms to their psychological and physical impacts. And to provide even more effective solutions, we have set up an uncompromising approach that consists of involving patients and dermatologists in our reflections.

In this way, we are able to develop safe, effective, easy-to-apply and well-tolerated products to better manage dermatological disorders, including eczema.

Did you know? L’eczéma is one of the most common skin diseases. 4 % of the world's population has experienced1 it  and 8-9% of children under the age of 7 have had it2. Eczema is a non-contagious condition that alternates between active periods, called "flare-ups" or "attacks", and periods of calm. During active periods, the affected area of skin becomes itchy, painful and even burns. Red, ill-defined plaques appear, which may be swollen and oozing, or dry and rough. All parts of the body can be affected, principally the stomach, arms, back, feet, legs, face, hands and eyelids.

There are two types of eczema:

  • Atopic eczema, which is genetic and chronic. However, eczema that occurs in children may clear up as the child grows up;
  • Contact eczema,  following an allergic reaction.

Because it is a very common condition, eczema is sometimes trivialized. However, it can be a major source of physical and psychological suffering. These repercussions can lead to social exclusion or self-exclusion, loss of self-esteem, irritability and have a negative impact on well-being. However, the use of appropriate skin care products, regular follow-up by a trusted dermatologist, good knowledge of the condition and the implementation of daily routines can help people feel better and reduce the frequency of flare-ups. At Ducray, we have developed the DEXYANE range of products to help you deal with these problems.

1 Source Barbarot S et al. Allergy. 2018 ;73 :1284-1293.
2 ISAAC Study, International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood.

You are at the heart of our approach

You are at the heart of our approach

Who, better than you, to enlighten us on the symptoms observed, the sensations perceived, the progress noted? Who is better placed than you to inform us about the inner questions, the repercussions on your morale and the consequences in your daily life?

 Understanding your needs and expectations 

Eczema can appear at any time of life: in infants, children, adults, pregnant women, or even the elderly. Since 2009, at Ducray Dermatological Laboratories, we have been committed to involving you, whatever your situation, in every step of the development of our products. And this always starts with listening to your needs carefully and compassionately.

We brought together five groups of people to hear their feelings and expectations, and to better understand the impact of eczema on your quality of life. In addition, we maintain a close dialogue with "expert" patients who, over time, have developed a detailed understanding of their eczema, its symptoms and the day-to-day constraints of the condition. Their experience is an extremely valuable source of information that constantly feeds our thinking.

Co-creating care products with you

Co-creating care products with you

Our commitment to providing better care for eczema has led us to include you in our discussions and work groups. Our range of tailor-made products is the result of the close dialogue we maintain with you.

Based on your feedback, we have identified three types of priority needs, which have enabled us to create a range of products adapted to dry skin prone to eczema:

  • efficacy, to provide rapid relief, reinforce and accelerate the efficacy of medicinal treatments and reduce the frequency of flare-ups;
  • texture,,  which you want to be non-greasy and non-sticky, so that you can easily integrate the care products into your daily routine;
  • a clear indication  of the targeted problem on the packaging of the products so that those concerned have no doubts about their use.

By taking these criteria and needs into account, we have developed DEXYANE, a comprehensive and innovative range of products adapted to this particular skin type.

Following our exchanges with patients and in order to best meet their expectations, we also understood that it was necessary to develop treatments dedicated to specific areas: the fine skin of the eyelids, as well as the hands, which are particularly exposed to everyday irritants.

Your involvement at each step of product development is a powerful driving force that constantly pushes us towards excellence and innovation. It is very useful to us and helps the researchers behind each of Ducray Dermatological Laboratories' advances in eczema.

Healthcare professionals, key partners

Healthcare professionals, key partners

Working in close collaboration with internationally renowned researchers and dermatologists allows us to complete our thinking, accelerate our research and enrich our expertise.

The key to this approach:

  •  the selection of high-performance active ingredients;
  • the creation of new solutions;
  • the development of adapted routines;
  • the development of pleasant galenic formulas that facilitate the application and absorption of the active ingredients.

We regularly participate in international congresses and symposiums as part of our constant scientific monitoring. Our skin care products have also been the subject of several clinical and pharmacological studies conducted by our teams. We have published several articles in the leading scientific journal, the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (JEADV). These publications have shown that the use of DEXYANE MeD medical devices in combination with topical corticosteroids (the reference medicinal treatment for eczema) accelerates their efficacy.

At Ducray, we also draw on the expertise of dermatologists, such as Dr. Isabelle Gardinal-Galera, who has become one of our consultants. Based at the Larrey Hospital in Toulouse, she helps children and their families manage their disease through therapeutic education workshops with a multidisciplinary team including nurses, psychologists and pharmacists. Her professional and personal background - she herself has suffered from eczema and has had to deal with the eczema of her two children - allows her to combine scientific rigor with a compassionate approach. Dr. Gardinal-Galera began her collaboration with Ducray with the aim of making her expertise available to as many people as possible. Together, we have produced a series of educational videos to inform, reassure and contribute to patient well-being. During our discussions, many patients expressed the desire to have access to information and advice from experts on their condition.

du_article_gardinal-galera-doctor_header 576x384

« I hope to be able to pass on my advice and tips to help children and their families with the overall management of eczema: both skin care and living with the disease. One of my objectives is to combat the misconceptions that plague the management of eczema and to help standardize health professionals' approaches. »

Doctor Gardinal-Galera

We also collaborate with Dr. Béatrice de Reviers, a general practitioner with a diploma in cognitive behavioral therapies. Her personal and professional career has led her to establish psychosocial adjustment (coping) strategies that can be adopted when faced with the reactions of others to so-called visible conditions, such as eczema. Together, we are working on a booklet aimed at helping patients live better with their condition, as well as informing those around them (parents, friends) on basic methods to support them.

Eczema expertise 

Thanks to the relationships we have built, the knowledge we have acquired and the work we have accomplished in partnership with patients and healthcare professionals, we have developed high-performance products that effectively treat symptoms and improve our patients' quality of life.

The DEXYANE range consists of emollients and cleansing products for the daily care of dry skin prone to eczema during and between flare-ups. All these products aim to repair, protect and nourish the skin, and to soothe itching. DEXYANE skin care products can be used from birth to accelerate the treatment of lesions in dry skin prone to atopic eczema and to reduce the frequency of flare-ups.

With the DEXYANE MeD range,

we offer two innovative medical devices that can be used alone, as a follow-up to or in combination with other medicinal treatments: the Soothing repair cream and the Palpebral care.

Dermatologists are rapidly adopting the range and prescribing these products, which have proven their efficacy. According to the results of clinical studies, DEXYANE MeD Soothing repair cream:

  • improves the efficacy of topical corticosteroids from 3 days,,3  
  • limits the reappearance of lesions (-83%),3
  • calms pain (-73% from 8 days).4

Did you know?

DEXYANE MeD Soothing repair cream, an innovative formula

The texture of DEXYANE MeD Soothing repair cream, in the form of a jelly cream, is transformed into an ultra-hydrating dressing. With its semi-occlusive breathable effect, it optimizes the efficacy of the hydrating and anti-inflammatory active ingredients thanks to:

  • a polyglucose mesh of natural origin obtained through biotechnology. It enables the retention of hydrating agents, acts as a shield against irritating agents and limits the development of S. Aureus bacteria, responsible for the superinfection of lesions;
  • a hydra-nourishing phase composed of glycerin 20%, shea butter, triglycerides and hydroxydecine® to restore the skin barrier and correct dryness;
  • Enoxolone 0.7% which soothes itching and reduces the intensity of signs of inflammation.    

3 Efficacy and Tolerability of a Medical Device Repairing Emollient Cream Associated with a Topical Corticosteroid in Adults with Atopic Dermatitis: An Open-label, Intra-individual Randomized Controlled Study
Dermatology and Therapy, 8(2), 217-228.
Multicenter, open-label, intra-individual, randomized clinical superiority study conducted on 54 adults with atopic eczema on the arms and/or popliteal fossae (severe to moderate lesions). Application of DEXYANE MeD for 10 days. Twice daily in combination with topical corticosteroid on one limb and application of the topical corticosteroid alone on the other limb.

4 Clinical tolerance and efficacy study. Open-label study conducted on 40 adults with chronic hand eczema (mild to moderate lesions). Application of DEXYANE MeD twice a day on the lesions for 22 days. (PFDC study, RV4421A2013149 - 29/02/2016; 110-113, 142).

At Ducray, we take a comprehensive approach to pathologies. That is why, in addition to developing expert products, we strive to provide our patients with reliable content that helps them find answers to their questions.

This educational and informative initiative was prompted by one of our product managers. At the time, she was in charge of the DEXYANE range and the mother of a young child affected by eczema. She was particularly aware of the impact of this condition on the quality of life of patients and their families. It is thanks to her that numerous articles,  videos and pieces of advice have been made available to as many people as possible

Do you want to gain a better understanding of eczema?

To help you manage your eczema on a daily basis, we have created the innovative web series #LivingBetterWithEczema. Dr. Isabelle Gardinal-Galera explains the disease in just two minutes.

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In the spirit of Albert Ducray, our teams are focused on a precise objective: to be truly useful to you.
To do this, we understand that it is only together that we can strengthen the relevance of our research and succeed in creating care products that improve your quality of life.

Our mission goes further:

We are committed to the scientific community.

By participating in all the major international dermatological congresses, conducting robust pharmacological and clinical studies that lead to publications in internationally recognized scientific journals such as the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (JEADV), we contribute to advancing eczema research.

We are committed to patients

In addition, Ducray Dermatological Laboratories support several patient associations, notably by helping them create institutional support resources.

In France, we participate in the Hatoppydays, during which workshops bringing together patients and experts are scheduled in several major French cities (Lyon, Paris, Toulouse). This is an opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences and forge connections.

We are committed to the dermo-cosmetics of the future :

By participating in the Conscious Care collective movement. With the brands of the Pierre Fabre Group, we are working for the environment, eco-design, naturalness, scientific progress and better living.
It is through all these actions that we contribute to improving patient quality of life on a daily basis.


The DUCRAY Dermatological Laboratories support the Pierre Fabre Eczema Foundation

As a founding member, the DUCRAY Dermatological Laboratories support the Pierre Fabre Laboratories Corporate Foundation dedicated to the fight against eczema.

The Foundation works with healthcare professionals and patients to create an alliance between them to help patients live better with their eczema. Its mission is to alleviate the burden of eczema for patients who suffer from it.

For patients, it works to help them become active players in their disease, by giving them a sense of direction. All this is achieved by building a caring space, based on exchange and listening.

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