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Ducray and its commitment to patient associations

Building links with patients’ associations

As patients are at the heart of the new health system guidelines, they have become a key factor today. Patient associations are becoming increasingly involved and are making their voice heard by governmental authorities.
Ducray Dermatological Laboratories collaborate with 14 patient associations around the world. Our common goal is to share all the information on their conditions and lifestyles in order to improve their care, promote clinical innovation and best serve their interests.

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Beyond symptoms, improving patients' quality of life

The purpose of Ducray Dermatological Laboratories is to improve the quality of life of people with fragile skin and scalps. Listening to expert patients is essential to better understand their experiences and expectations. As such, our relationships with patient associations help to enrich our data on their priorities. Our ambition is to involve them in each development phase of dermo-cosmetic products so that they fully meet their expectations in terms of efficacy, tolerance and ease of use.

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Supporting patient associations and their initiatives

These associations are involved on a daily basis with patients who need to be listened to and advised, providing them with support adapted to their expectations. They also organize discussion groups, conferences and awareness-raising campaigns for those affected and for the general public to help them better understand and accept dermatological disorders.

In support of these associations, Ducray Dermatological Laboratories provides samples and dermo-cosmetic products, contributes to communicating their initiatives by regularly publishing information on its websites or social networks and sponsors meetings and webinars at the end of which we collect participants' feedback. We are able to support some of their projects financially, for example through the provision of one-off grants.

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