Episode 6 : 2 min to find out everything about eyelid eczema.

What are the factors that promote eyelid eczema? How is eyelid eczema treated?

Ducray is committed to supporting you, by providing you with expert answers to the questions you find yourself asking every day. Dr. Isabelle Gardinal-Galera is a private dermatologist who also practices at Larrey Hospital in Toulouse. Our expert has the answers to all the various questions you have undoubtedly been asking yourself about eczema. She also offers advice and tips to improve the daily lives of people with eczema and to help them live better with the disease.

Here, Dr. Gardinal-Galera explains everything about palpebral eczema; in just a few words and a 2-minute video, find out everything you need to know about eyelid eczema.

Dr. Galera answers all your questions in our webserie #Livebetterwitheczema.

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