Eliminating dandruff naturally

There are lots of solutions in pharmacies for overcoming dandruff. Natural or not, medicinal or not, everyone can find the best solution for dealing with it, without forgetting to ask a doctor or pharmacist for advice.



Eliminating dandruff

We do not always know what to do if we get dandruff. The health professionals around you are very familiar with this condition, they will be able to help you and answer all your questions.

There are a number of treatments for getting rid of dandruff. Most of the time a treatment shampoo will be recommended or prescribed to combat oily or dry dandruff depending on your condition. First, it will be used as an intensive treatment, i.e. several times a week, then less frequently and alternated with a mild shampoo.

Some people prefer natural remedies for fighting dandruff. These can be used to complement the action of a "traditional" treatment and increase its effectiveness.

Natural solutions

Natural treatments are mostly home remedies used traditionally to fight dandruff.
Baking soda to eliminate impurities, green clay to absorb excess sebum, cider vinegar to restore the pH, coconut oil to nourish hair, aloe vera to soothe, etc. These are all natural remedies.
Some have particularly interesting properties and will help to increase the effectiveness of treatments.
But be careful not to apply just anything to your hair any old how, at the risk of making it worse.

It is therefore possible to eliminate dandruff naturally, but you need to take certain precautions! Always seek the advice of a health professional and do not forget the "traditional" treatments, such as treatment shampoos, which contain specific active ingredients that will act on the causes of the dandruff and which have proven very effective in fighting dandruff.

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