Antioxidant hair products: what are the benefits?

Antioxidants are true shields that limit skin damage caused by free radicals induced by pollution and sun exposure. When integrated into hair care products, they also help to fight against premature aging of hair and to preserve the beauty of the hair for a longer time. Here’s everything you need to know about antioxidant hair products.



What is an antioxidant hair product?

The super molecules known as "antioxidants" help to fight against the oxidation process, which itself releases free radicals that disrupt the normal functioning of skin and hair cells. In the long term, this process causes significant damage to the skin (wrinkles, loss of firmness) and also to the hair. To limit this damage, dermo-cosmetic laboratories include protective antioxidant molecules in their face care formulas, and more recently in their hair care formulas.

An antioxidant hair product has the same purpose as a face product of the same kind: it stops the oxidation process to protect the hair against the harmful effects that time can have, combined with environmental factors. It can be used as much as desired on colored hair, especially hair exposed to oxidation. You can easily find protective shampoos, conditioners, serums and sprays that contain antioxidants. Thanks to these products, you can stabilize the pigments in your hair color and keep hair looking beautiful for a longer time.

The power of hair care to counteract aging of hair

With time, the hair becomes damaged. This is undeniable. Hair aging causes the appearance of white and gray hair, thinning of the hair fiber, slower hair growth and problems with hair becoming more porous, dull and fragile. From age 45, it is essential to prevent these hair problems by adopting a suitable hair care routine.

To restore hair density and volume as well as strength:

  • Use a redensifying hair product, like a shampoo or serum.
  • Food supplements can also help maintain hair density and protect against the signs of hair aging.
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