Avoid braiding your hair tightly and any other hairstyle that can cause traction on the hair roots

Braids, extensions, weaves, tight buns, scrunchies, hair elastics and anything that pulls on the hair can cause it to fall out.

Chronic or continuous traction on the hair is always a bad thing: the roots suffer and inflammation develops, causing redness or even pustules (white purulent spots) at the hairline.

The hair roots suffer. Hair can then start to fall out.

If the traction stops after a short while, hair can grow back, but if it does not stop, the root can be totally destroyed and the hair will not grow back.

The main hairstyles that cause hair loss through traction are tight braids in children and adolescents, weaves, extensions, dreadlocks, buns, ponytails and accessories like clips and elastic bands that hold the hair backwards tightly for a smooth look (hair loss around the ears).

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