Discover the webserie about Hair Loss

Discover our new web series on hair loss in collaboration with Dr Didier Coustou dermatologist.

When developing our products at Ducray Dermatological Laboratories, we draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience of dermatologists who are experts in specific diseases, in order to provide solutions which take into account the latest advances in medicine.

For our specialist anti-hair loss range, we have enlisted the support of Dr. Didier Coustou, dermatologist, to ensure that we truly meet the expectations of all patients who are losing their hair. To better understand their needs, we set up several working groups with patients experiencing all types of hair loss, so that they could talk to us about their symptoms, the problems they face on a daily basis, the questions they ask themselves and what they expect from hair care brands.

During these working groups, the first thing patients asked for was to be able to identify their own type of hair loss from the many that exist, as well as the degree of severity. They then wanted to be given information to help them better understand their condition and find out how to treat it as effectively as possible.
We wanted this information to be communicated through images, accompanied by a few words from our expert dermatologist, specialist in all types of hair loss.
The videos you are about to watch, or have just seen, aim to clearly describe what hair loss is, how to diagnose and identify the different types of hair loss and its causes, and also to outline the most effective treatments, ranging from a slight change in your hair care routine to hair transplant surgery.

Episode 1 - 2 min to find out everything
about hair loss
Episode 2 - Occasional
hair loss
Episode 3 - Chronic
hair loss
Episode 4 - Age induced
Episode 5 - 8 misconceptions
about hair loss
Episode 6 - Treatments for
hair loss

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