Diagnostic test for an adapted hair loss care routine for men

Hair loss can be a major concern for many men. To deal with it effectively, a suitable hair care routine is essential. Thanks to our online questionnaire developed by our dermatologists, you will receive recommendations for a care routine specific to your type of hair loss.

Questionnaire and information collected

To provide you with the right support, our questionnaire looks at various aspects of your situation. It looks at your age range, the duration of your hair loss, the current state of your hair, as well as daily stress factors. The role played by genetics is also taken into account. Each of these pieces of information, carefully gathered with the utmost confidentiality, helps us to pinpoint your precise situation and develop an optimal hair care routine.

Results and recommendations

Once you've filled in the questionnaire, you'll have access to a set of personalized recommendations. The suggested care routine is based on Ducray expertise and the products in our range, designed to address the various problems associated with hair loss.

Take the diagnostic test to find out more!

With this online diagnostic tool, our aim is to help you identify your type of hair loss and guide you towards the care routine best suited to your situation. Whether you're young or old, with recent or long-standing hair loss, we're here to help.

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