Psoriasis: The voice of the dermatologist

PSORIASIS: a dermatologist answers your questions

At Ducray Dermatological Laboratories, we benefit from a wide range of knowledge and experience when designing our products. We speak to: dermatologists, who are experts in the disease concerned; patients, who help us to better understand their needs; and finally, our R&D teams, who provide us with their innovative contribution.

The videos presented below are a result of all these partnerships and include:
- Testimonials and sharing of psoriasis patients’ experiences
- A discussion between an expert dermatologist and patients
- An interview with our R&D teams

When developing our products at Ducray Dermatological Laboratories, we draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience of dermatologists who are experts in specific diseases, in order to design products based on the latest medical progress.

For our KERTYOL P.S.O. complementary skin care range for skin prone to dry plaque, Prof. Jean-François Nicolas guided us in creating products that incorporate the most up-to-date medical expertise on psoriasis.

During the development and design of our products, we conduct research with expert dermatologists. We also set up several working groups, which we call focus groups, with patients who have the disease in question - in this case psoriasis. These focus groups are a way of listening to patients living with psoriasis on a daily basis. Patients tell us about their symptoms, the difficulties they encounter, the questions they ask themselves, and their daily life with the disease. One of the things patients relayed to us, in the focus groups conducted as part of the development of the KERTYOL P.S.O. range, was their need to be informed about psoriasis, because inevitably questions sometimes occur to patients in between dermatological appointments.

We asked what would help them the most. Their response was unanimous: being able to question a dermatologist at any time. To address their needs on a practical level, we identified, with them, the questions they would like to ask a dermatologist who is an expert in psoriasis. We wanted to record this, and were able to do so with the help of two of our patients who participated in the psoriasis focus groups.

The result is the video you have just seen or are about to see, in which Prof. Jean-François Nicolas explains the symptoms of psoriasis, the different forms it can take, the locations of the disease, and the different possible treatments and their side effects. He discusses the causes of psoriasis and the factors that trigger psoriasis flare-ups. He also examines the natural evolution of the disease and the need to take comprehensive care of the skin, something that led us to rethink the composition of our KERTYOL P.S.O. range. Finally, Prof. Nicholas discusses the importance of dealing with the psychological aspects of psoriasis, including learning to accept the disease.

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