Diagnostic test for an adapted hair loss care routine for women

Hair loss is a common concern that affects many women. Each case requires a personalized approach and a dedicated care routine to promote noticeable improvement. By filling in our questionnaire, designed by our expert dermatologists, you'll be guided towards a care routine adapted to your hair loss situation.

Questionnaire and information collected

Our questionnaire collects information on the duration and nature of your hair loss, your age, any hormonal changes (childbirth, breastfeeding), the condition of your hair, environmental factors (stress, diet, family history) and a hair loss test. This data is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and will be used to offer you an adapted hair care routine.

Results and recommendations

After filling in the questionnaire, you will receive recommendations for an adapted hair care routine, designed with Ducray products. This routine will help you manage your hair loss as effectively as possible. Whatever the nature of your hair loss, we're here to support you every day!

Take the diagnostic test to find out more!

Thanks to this online diagnostic test, our aim is to help you understand your type of hair loss and guide you towards the care routine best suited to your situation. 

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