As the inventor of dermo-cosmetics over 50 years ago, we don't compromise when it comes to product safety. We work with highly-qualified teams of toxicologists who carry out meticulous evaluations

Well-founded scientific ethics based on our pharmaceutical expertise

  Nowadays, some of you are questioning the composition of dermo-cosmetic products, and some are abandoning the use of these products.

This choice can lead to dangerous behavior and can be a health risk. For example, is it normal to stop protecting your skin from the sun because of fear of certain ingredients contained in sun creams, when these controversies are not scientifically proven? Especially when the risks of skin cancer are completely proven and constantly growing?

Backed by a pharmaceutical laboratory, the foundation of our scientific ethics, our top priority is to guarantee your safety. To do so, we work with highly qualified teams of toxicologists to meticulously evaluate all our products, in compliance with current European regulations considered to be among the strictest in the world.

We are always ready to listen so that we can better understand your concerns and expectations. This is even more important when it comes to ingredients, because there is a very heated debate going on, and we can only rely on indisputable scientific proof.

As a responsible health player, we believe it is our duty to provide transparent information about the safety and efficacy of our formulas.

As part of this context, at DUCRAY we promise to communicate based only on rational and scientific information.