SABAL, ARGEAL - Oily hair care

SABAL, ARGEAL - Oily hair care

The SABAL and ARGEAL shampoos are specially developed to cleanse and take care of oily scalps and hair, often characterized by shininess, heaviness and dullness. Does your hair get oily faster the more you wash it? The SABAL and ARGEAL oily hair shampoos are a great routine for keeping your hair clean, supple and light all day long. Our oily hair products combine the essentials to take care of oily hair while acting on excess sebum and delaying new oil build-up.

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Learn more about oily hair care
Learn more about oily hair care

Why does hair get oily?

Oily scalp and hair are caused by an imbalance of the sebaceous glands, which secrete excessive sebum at the roots. This imbalance is also called hyperseborrhea. It usually results in shiny, unmanageable hair. This phenomenon depends on androgenic hormones such as testosterone. Hyperseborrhea is very often a genetic condition but can be worsened by other factors (stress, pollution, heat, etc.).   


What products should I use for oily hair?

  1. SABAL is a sebum-reducing shampoo specifically developed to treat oily scalps and hair to normalize excess sebum production while respecting the scalp. Thanks to its anti-seborrheic active ingredient, SABAL SERRULATA, it reduces the secretion of sebum and delays new oil build-up, making it possible to space out the frequency of shampoos. This oily hair shampoo has a delicate, minty fragrance that provides freshness while leaving your hair soft and weightless.
  2. As a follow-up to the SABAL treatment shampoo, ARGEAL is a daily-use sebum-absorbing shampoo, adapted to the needs of oily hair, that cleanses it while reducing excess sebum without stripping the hair fiber and scalp. Thanks to the presence of SOFT CLAY (KAOLIN) and the SABAL SERRULATA, it gently absorbs excess sebum and reduces its secretion. This gentle shampoo is based on a high tolerance formula with a creamy texture that encourages a scalp massage and optimizes contact time. It gives hair volume and suppleness on a daily basis. What’s more? It allows you to space out your shampoos by 48 hours*. Conscious of its environmental impact, this oily hair shampoo also has a biodegradable formula**. 


Discover the purifying hair and scalp care routine for oily hair, ideally adapted to your needs.

* Self-evaluation, 33 subjects, 3 uses/week over 30 days

**According to international standard OECD 301B 

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