How do I treat and remove brown spots?

People with hyperpigmentation seek best ways to remove their brown spots. Several hyperpigmentation treatments are available and can be combined for better results. Some anti-brown spot treatments are available without a prescription, others require a visit to a dermatologist. Let’s now summarize the different treatments used to remove brown spots safely.

Why might you want to remove brown spots?

Hyperpigmentation is not a serious or contagious disease. However, brown spots can affect daily life, self-esteem and relationships with others because they are particularly visible. This is why it’s important to propose anti-brown spot treatment to anyone who feels they need it.

What’s the best time to remove brown spots?

The sooner the better! You don’t have to wait until you have a lot of brown spots to begin treatment. Treatments for pigmentation spots will be easier to introduce and more effective if started early.

And do not wait until brown spots get in the way of your daily life and affect your self-confidence before considering treatment. It’s not a question of pleasing others, it’s about feeling happier in yourself. Everyday well-being must remain your priority.

Don’t think that your brown spots will disappear all by themselves, because this is very rarely the case.

If you have a pregnancy mask, you may have to wait until after the birth or after breastfeeding before starting certain treatments to remove brown spots. In the meantime, it’s highly recommended to use targeted dermo-cosmetics and sun protection. And check that they are compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding before use.

How to remove brown spots?

If you want to remove brown spots, the first treatment you can try, available to all, consists in applying an anti-brown spot cream, formulated specifically to correct hyperpigmentation, even out the complexion and protect skin. To be fully effective, an anti-brown spot cream must contain different types of active ingredients: depigmenting, anti-aging, anti-UV rays.

Some treatments used to remove brown spots must be performed by a dermatologist or a cosmetic doctor:
  • An anti-brown spot chemical peel is a medium-depth chemical peel used to remove brown spots present on the epidermis and to “renew” the skin;
  • Cryotherapy removes brown spots through use of the cold, a bit like treating plantar warts;
  • A laser treatment is another way to remove brown spots that uses electromagnetic radiation to destroy the melanin present in the skin. Several types of laser are available for use by dermatologists, depending on the type of skin and in particular their color, i.e. how dark they are;
  • A doctor may also prescribe anti-brown spot medication to patients; such creams are rich in depigmenting agents like hydroquinone. Be careful, these creams are quite irritant and must be used according to the medical prescription. They are stored in a cool place and away from light.
Regardless of the method proposed by your doctor, there is a high risk of brown spots recurring if the risk factors are not eliminated. In particular, you must reduce your sun exposure and/or apply maximum sun protection (SPF50+).

What is the best solution against hyperpigmentation?

There is no miracle solution against hyperpigmentation. However, the different treatments available to remove brown spots make it possible to customize treatments according to the hyperpigmentation of each person, their marks, their skin type, their needs and their budget.

The best solution against hyperpigmentation remains prevention: avoid excess sunshine and apply a high protection sun cream to exposed areas to help to limit the formation of pigmentation spots. And don’t forget certain important parts of the body, such as the neck, décolleté and eye contour.

Can I remove brown spots myself?

Lots of methods are proposed on the Internet to remove brown spots at home. Beware of silly recipes and the risk of irritation! You’d do better to ask a health professional for advice.

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