What are the different types of brown spots?

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Pregnancy mask
Also known as "melasma” particularly occurs in pregnant women. It occurs on the face (forehead, cheeks, upper lips). It is induced by the sun, whose effects on the skin are potentialized by the hormones that are produced in abundance during pregnancy. However, being pregnant is not a prerequisite to be affected by melasma. Intake of estrogen (birth-control pills) can also increase the risks. It can even affect men after being exposed to the sun.

Liver spots
Also known as "solar lentigo", they increase in number and in size with age. They're mostly found on the back of hands, but also on the face, neck, neckline and legs.

Residual pigmentation marks
All skin inflammations can leave unsightly pigmented marks or scars. It is the case for common skin conditions such as acne for example, which are visibly worsened when exposed to the sun.

Uneven skin tone
The skin tone can be unevenly pigmented, which indicates photoaging induced by extensive UV exposure.