Acne in women

Acne affects teenagers but also adults. Acne problems in adult women are relatively common. Some women had acne when they were younger and have the unpleasant surprise of seeing the spots come back or persist. Others had little or no acne when they were teenagers and find themselves feeling completely helpless when the first spots appear.



What are the signs of acne in adult women?

The most typical acne type in adult women is late-onset acne concentrated on the lower part of the face, but some women develop more generalized acne on the whole face. Acne in adult women is mild to moderate, sometimes severe, and mostly inflammatory (red spots). In the case of adult female acne, the risk of scars and marks is relatively high.

Acne in adult women often has a major psychological impact. Others staring can be difficult to bear, especially in the workplace. Acne in a 25-year-old woman tends to give a youthful appearance to the face and can diminish credibility with co-workers, while acne in a 40-year-old woman can leave the face looking neglected and damage self-confidence.

What are the causes of acne in adult women?

There are multiple causes of acne in adult women. First and foremost, hormonal disturbances: menstruation, pregnancy, the pill, menopause. Lifestyle is also often the cause, with stress, tobacco, unbalanced diet, alcohol, unsuitable cosmetics and so on all sometimes implicated. A family history of acne and combination or oily skin are other factors that may promote acne in adult women.

What are the treatments for acne in adult women?

In the event of late-onset acne in women, it is best to see a doctor. Treatments for teenagers can be prescribed for female acne, but must be accompanied by appropriate hygiene and care measures. Skin peels and laser treatments are often used to treat scars and marks. Cosmetics formulated specifically for adults combat spots, marks and the first signs of aging.

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