Acne on the back

Acne is found in all areas of the body rich in sebaceous glands. Everyone knows that the face is commonly affected, but the back is too.



What are the signs of acne?

Back acne can affect the whole back, sometimes only the upper back, sometimes the lower back and the buttocks. Shoulder acne also sometimes occurs. Back acne spots vary and include blackheads, whiteheads and red spots of different sizes, with or without white tips. More severe acne symptoms such as nodules are sometimes present.

Who gets back acne?

Back acne can affect anyone, at any age, with or without acne on the face. Adult back acne is a common phenomenon, and tends to affect men more than women.

The physical appearance of back spots, whether on a man or woman, is usually unpleasant and unwelcome. Back acne is not noticeable, except in specific situations where one undresses, in intimate situations, or to do sport or use a swimming pool. In cases of severe back acne, others staring is sometimes so difficult to bear that the person isolates themselves, limiting their activities. Adults with back acne often find it difficult to show their back in public, yet the fact they have back acne is absolutely not linked to a lack of hygiene or care!

What are the solutions for back acne?

Treatments for back acne are quite similar to facial acne, but the back is more difficult to access: ask for help in applying the treatments!

As regards hygiene, use a product suitable for acne-prone skin on the face but also on the body! Stop using soap that dries the skin, which paradoxically causes excess sebum. Instead, use a gentle, soap-free cleanser. Wipe your back thoroughly after a workout. Avoid allowing hair products to drip onto the back as some can have a comedogenic effect and cause back spots.

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