Acne laser treatment

Laser treatment is a technology increasingly used in dermatology. In particular, laser treatment for acne has become a real treatment option.



What exactly is laser treatment?

The laser is a source of electromagnetic radiation associated with a given wavelength. For instance, everybody is familiar with the red laser produced by pressing on certain key rings or pointers. The wavelengths concerned may or may not be in the visible range (red, blue, green, etc.). Several types of lasers are used.

In dermatology and acne, the laser hits a target in the skin and destroys it accordingly.

In which cases is laser treatment used for acne?

Laser treatment is increasingly being proposed to treat moderate to severe acne. Laser treatment for acne makes it possible to act on the inflammatory lesions of acne but also against excess sebum, indirectly impacting the appearance of acne spots. Laser treatment is regularly used on acne scars. Keep in mind, though, that laser treatment for acne is based on several techniques: the dermatologist chooses the one that best suits the patient.

Acne laser treatment, before and after

Laser treatment has proven a certain degree of efficacy against acne, usually after several sessions. Please note though: it is not a miracle treatment! Laser treatment for acne does not exempt you from daily cleansing care, from selecting non-comedogenic cosmetics and makeup or from protecting yourself from the sun.

How does treatment really work?

A preparatory session selects the method, establishes a schedule for the sessions and establishes how much it will cost. During the session, the eyes are protected by eye shields in the case of laser treatment of facial acne. The patient may feel tingling or even pain depending on the type of acne laser used. After the session, hydrate the skin and protect it from the sun. A temporary worsening of acne is possible.

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