What kind of make-up should you use for acne?

Acne very often affects the face, rarely going unnoticed. In such conditions, it can be difficult to look others in the eyes! People may even lower their eyes to avoid others staring. Acne makeup can be a handy solution to help you feel better about your skin and regain self-confidence.



Does makeup make acne worse?

It all depends on the makeup used! If you have acne, you should choose hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic products with light, mattifying textures. Acne makeup does not suffocate the skin and does not encourage spots. Acne makeup is absolutely an option. Just be sure to read the labels carefully!

How do you apply makeup if you have acne?

If the lesions are red and particularly difficult to live with, acne makeup is particularly recommended and is a solution against acne on a daily basi s. Products are specifically formulated to apply acne makeup and effectively camouflage lesions. Initially, on cleansed and hydrated skin, make the most of color complementarity: green pigments neutralize redness related to acne. Then, apply a complexion corrector rich in pigments and adapted to pathological skin types. Finally, set it with a powder. All the steps of the acne makeup process take just a few minutes. The result is often really impressive!

You may also want to consider makeup if you have unsightly acne scars. Green reduces red inflammatory scars, while orange is suitable for older brown scars.

And don’t forget 2-in-1 products: there are pre-tinted anti-acne treatments (cream, stick) to both treat and camouflage spots in one go.

Boy or girl?

Acne makeup is for both girls and boys. The goal is to reduce acne-related skin blemishes in an effort to regain self-confidence.

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