Eczema in babies: what habits should you adopt?

Have you discovered that your baby has eczema and are you wondering what to do to bring relief?




Once the diagnosis has been given, the first thing to do is to apply the treatment correctly. And don't be afraid.

  • Topical corticosteroids have been used for almost 70 years in dermatology; they have become essential in managing eczema, even in babies. In case of eczema flare-up, they must be applied once a day to all eczema plaques and until the plaques disappear completely. Emollient products must not be neglected since they help to soften and strengthen your baby's skin. Apply emollients once or several times a day as needed, on healthy skin, except on plaques, using large circular motions like a massage, starting from the feet and moving up to the face.

Moisturizing care should not be a chore but instead a special moment between parent and child.


In case of eczema in babies, a few rules of good sense apply, especially concerning:

  • Choice of clothing: opt for natural fibers such as cotton or linen and avoid covering the child too much so that they do not perspire
  • Baby's room: avoid "dust traps" such as carpets and mats; wash stuffed toys regularly; do not overheat the room and of course do not smoke
  • Pets: allowed, especially if the child has been used to one since birth; however avoid letting the animal enter the bedroom, and vacuum regularly to eliminate hair and fur

Please note, these tips should not lead you to believe that babies with eczema are more fragile than other babies! They should be able enjoy childhood normally—playing, laughing and getting into mischief.

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