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The DEXYANE MeD range has been designed to take care of very dry skin prone to atopy on the hands and eyelids. DEXYANE MeD soothing repair cream and DEXYANE MeD Palpebral help to treat and limit the recurrence of atopy lesions and can be used alone, in combination with or as a follow-up to medicinal treatments.

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Learn more about atopy treatment
Learn more about atopy treatment

Our care routines for atopic skin

What is atopy?

Atopy is a skin condition characterized by intense dryness that weakens the skin barrier. The skin barrier no longer protects against damaging external factors, thus allowing irritants or allergens to penetrate, causing a skin reaction. The main symptoms of atopy are itching, which leads to scratching and the appearance of red plaques (known as lesions) that can be painful and can become infected. Atopy progresses through phases of flare-ups with the appearance of visible skin lesions, followed by phases of remission, with no apparent lesions but where the skin barrier remains weakened.
Atopy can affect people of any age: babies, children or adults, and may appear on different areas of the body: face, eyelids, body or hands
Many factors may trigger or aggravate atopy such as stress, pollution, perspiration or significant changes in weather. There is a genetic factor at play in atopy.
Daily atopy care is necessary to treat the condition and to strengthen the skin barrier. 
Once you have been diagnosed by your doctor, there are different types of effective atopy treatments. The more you know about them, the better prepared you can be.   

When should I use DEXYANE MeD?

First of all, we recommend that you consult your doctor or dermatologist to provide you with advice and treatment adapted to your type of atopy.
To treat atopy, there are medicinal treatments prescribed by doctors to act on the chronic inflammation. In addition, the implementation of a suitable care routine can reduce dry skin and itching, and can help to space out atopy flare-ups.
The DEXYANE MeD soothing repair cream treats and limits the recurrence of atopic skin or contact allergyand the DEXYANE MeD Palpebral for atopic eyelids can be used alone or in combination with medicinal treatments for eczema lesions and can limit their reappearance1,2.
Choose the right DEXYANE MeD care routine for your skin's needs:


Discover the atopic routine for face and body Discover the chronic hand atopy routine Discover the eyelid atopy routine Discover the face and body contact atopy routine


Dexyane MeD soothing repair cream intended for atopic skin, and Dexyane MeD Palpebral intended for atopic eyelids, are regulated health products that bear the CE mark under these regulations. Read the leaflet carefully before use. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. From 3 months old. Ask your pharmacist for more information. Made by Pierre Fabre Medical Devices. Updated January 2022. [220131]

1 DEXYANE MeD soothing repair cream directions for use

2 Dexyane MeD Palpebral directions for use


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