Hair damage: how to prevent it and maintain beautiful hair

Heat, pollution, sun, coloring.... our hair suffers the full impact of all these aggressions on a daily basis. This accelerates its aging process. How can you limit breakage and prevent hair damage over time? Take action!



When hair is damaged by coloring

If you regularly dye your roots or get highlights, you will have noticed that coloring damages your hair.

Limit harsh products

Despite the increasing number of mild products available, hairstylists generally use chemical dyes made with relatively "corrosive" ingredients to color or bleach hair, depending on the desired effect. To bind the color pigments to the hair fiber, these products spread open the protective scales of the hair cuticle, oxidizing the hair. Result: damaged hair becomes dry, dull and sometimes porous.

It's all a matter of dosage

To limit hair damage, it is recommended to color hair less frequently, use plant-based coloring products and use suitable hair care products. You can also use sprays or powders that color only the roots. Would you wash your face with shower gel? Well, the same goes for colored hair; you should use shampoos, conditioners and masks specially made for hair aging.

Hair damage: pollution and sun exposure are a dangerous combo

We might not realize it, but pollution and UV rays have insidious effects on the hair, and are even a major cause of hair aging.


It's certainly difficult to escape from pollution: according to the World Health Organization, 92% of the world's population breathes polluted air. And if pollution has harmful effects on the skin, you can well imagine that it is just as bad for the hair! Dust and micro-particles settle on your scalp and the lengths of your hair without you even noticing.


The phenomenon is exactly the same in the sun. Would you expose your skin to the sun without protection? Well, you should have the same reflex with your hair. The oxidation induced by these 2 phenomena damages hair and accelerates its aging process.

The right habits to adopt to protect your hair against hair aggressors.

  • Brush your hair every evening to remove the dirt accumulated during the day,
  • and use anti-aging products for your hair every day.

Heading to the beach or a high-pollution area soon?

  • Don't forget to take hydrating and protective products containing sun filters to limit hair damage
  • and use protective styles: scarves, headbands, braids, caps and hats are always a good idea!
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