What is traction alopecia?

Did you know that overly tight hairstyles can cause alopecia? Traction alopecia refers to localized hair loss that affects mainly black or mixed-race women with curly and coily hair. Allow us to explain.



Traction alopecia and coily hair: dangerous connections

Hair loss and stress are not a good mix, nor are repeated styling and braiding! According to a study led by the American monthly International Journal of Dermatology, 11% of black women are affected by hair loss, compared to 5% of Caucasian women. What is behind this? A mechanical phenomenon known as “traction alopecia”.

More frequently subject to braids and hair extensions, curly and coily hair in black and mixed-race women is subject to pulling which, when repeated, have a direct impact on the hair follicle. Overly heavy hairstyles pull on the scalp and slowly separate the hair fiber from its root. The result: traction alopecia and localized hair loss, often affecting the temples and forehead, where the hair is thinner and thus more fragile.

Is there a solution for traction alopecia?

Is regrowth possible with traction alopecia? Yes and no; it depends on the case. For some, traction alopecia results in irreversible hair loss, whereas for others, the hair follicles will produce increasingly thinner regrowth. The most long-term, but also most expensive, solution is the hair transplant, which involves transplanting healthy hair to the affected areas.

Wearing your hair down and loose remains the ideal natural treatment to fight against traction alopecia. If you struggle with the idea of not being able to wear your hair up, try loosening your ponytail and opt for a fabric scrunchie over an overly tight elastic. Avoid frequent use of relaxers and weaves: no more than four per year.

Above all, be sure to consult a specialist to determine the best treatment for traction alopecia. For example, the revitalizing gel stimulates the hair and helps nourish the hair bulb.

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