Natural treatments in case of hair loss

Are you losing your hair and looking for natural solutions to support the management of this hair loss? Let’s go through the different options available, some are very simple to implement on a daily basis.



A balanced diet

Diet is the first step to take into account when dealing with hair loss. Hair health is a reflection of the body’s overall health. For healthy growth, hair needs vitamins (vitamins B6, B8, PP, E, etc.) and minerals (iron, zinc, etc.) in sufficient quantities. These nutrients are mainly provided through the diet. So, in case of alopecia, balancing and varying your diet is a first natural treatment for hair loss. An anti-hair loss food supplement can be added to cover you recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Scalp Massage

Another natural treatment for alopecia that can be implemented easily at home is scalp massage to promote hair growth. Massage in slow circular movements with the fingertips (not with the nails) all over the scalp. Objective: stimulate blood microcirculation in the scalp to improve the supply of oxygen and vitamins and minerals to the hair follicle. They are in fact the essential fuel for the regrowth of healthy, shiny and resistant hair. A scalp massage can be incorporated quickly into the hair care routine for women seeking a natural treatment for their alopecia. It is not only for women; men can also take advantage of their daily shampoo to perform this massage. A little bonus: scalp massages also have the benefit of being very relaxing.

Essential oils

A scalp massage can be done without applying any products, while shampooing in the shower or with essential oils. There are different essential oils that have hair-strengthening properties and that activate blood microcirculation in the scalp. Their benefits are not negligible as a natural treatment for hair loss.
The essential oils for the natural treatment of hair loss most commonly used are: Atlas cedar, rosemary cineole, ginger, grapefruit, Bay Saint Thomas, etc.
Essential oils are too concentrated to be applied pure and are most often used diluted in a vegetable oil. They can also be cause allergic reactions. Preferably, test on a small area of skin (at the elbow fold for example) before any prolonged application. Also, be aware of contraindications for essential oils. In particular, they are contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is important to seek advice from a pharmacy before using essential oils.

Vegetable oils

Used alone or to dilute essential oils, vegetable oils have stimulating, toning and nutritive properties that are particularly interesting for the natural treatment of hair loss.
The use of castor oil to fight baldness and alopecia is known for its power to repair and nourish thin, damaged and lifeless hair, but also for its stimulating action on hair growth. Because of its thick and sticky feel, it is best to mix it with other more fluid vegetable oils, such as mustard oil or jojoba oil, which are also known for their stimulating and reparative action.
They can be used by both women and men, but for women looking for a natural hair loss treatment, they have the double advantage of stimulating the scalp and strengthening and repairing hair lengths.

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