Itching on the breasts

All women, young or old, can one day be bothered by itching on the breasts. Sometimes they don't dare talk about it because itchy breasts are not very glamorous! They are afraid that their itching on the bust will be perceived as a lack of hygiene or skin care, or that itching on the breasts is synonymous with a serious disease such as cancer. In cases of itching on the bust, solutions exist, but the cause must be found. Why does your bust itch?



Itchy bust, itchy areola, itchy nipples: what could the causes be?

Having an itchy body is very unpleasant. The whole body can be affected by pruritus and the breasts are no exception!

In some cases, it is simply female hormones that cause itching on the breasts. The breasts are indeed sensitive to hormonal fluctuations. Itching on the breasts is more common:

  • During pregnancy: Itchy breasts are sometimes the first sign for the mother-to-be that she is pregnant. Unfortunately, itching on the breasts is not limited to the beginning of pregnancy and can last throughout the nine months. This is due to hormones, of course, but also to the physical transformations that the breasts undergo during pregnancy. Most of the time, the breasts get bigger, while the areolas and nipples change. After giving birth, breastfeeding can also be a major cause of itching. Incorrect positioning of the baby at feeding time can cause micro-lesions on the tip of the breast and thus itching on the nipple.
  • Before menstruation: Itching on the breasts is a common symptom associated with premenstrual syndrome. This is defined as all the physical and psychological signs that precede the arrival of menstruation.
  • During hormonal imbalances of any kind: perimenopause, menopause, contraceptive pill, etc.

Several dermatological causes can also be the cause of itching on the breasts. In this case, the breasts may show lesions such as red plaques or small spots:

  • A chronic inflammatory skin disease, such as eczema, can take hold of the breast and cause itching.
  • A skin infection, such as a fungal infection in the skin folds under the breasts.
  • A skin allergy, for example to a cream or perfume applied to the neckline, to the metal frame of a bra, etc.
  • Irritation, due to tight clothing, excessive perspiration, etc.

Finally, itching on the breasts can be a sign of a more serious disease. This is a rare form of breast cancer called Paget's disease of the nipple. At first, the person feels itching on the areola and the nipple. The lesion on the nipple resembles eczema or psoriasis, except that it does not regress with topical corticosteroids and eventually changes the nipple, which is often a warning that something is wrong. Additional examinations make it possible to diagnose breast cancer and treatment is quickly set up.

In summary, there are many causes that can lead to itching on the breasts. Most of them are not serious. If a lesion on the nipple persists, followed by a deformation of the nipple, seek medical consultation right away.

How do you relieve itching on the breasts?

To begin with, wash the breasts gently, without rubbing, only with your hands: use a superfatted soap, a syndet or a soothing cleansing oil, rinse well and dry by gently dabbing with a soft cotton towel.

Wear loose-fitting, cotton underwear. Remove metal underwires from bras if necessary.
Every day after showering, apply a soothing moisturizing cream to the breasts, without perfumes or harmful substances.

In cases of itching on the areola or the nipple, apply a small compress or a square of cotton before putting on your bra to limit rubbing.

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