Itching on the beard

More and more men are growing out their beards. Three-day stubble, long beards, beard and mustache: there is something for every taste and every style! In some cases, men experience itching on the beard as well as itching around the mouth. Why do they have itchy beards? What can be done about it? We’ll explain everything!



Why does your beard itch?

Itchy beards are a very common problem, which appears at the beginning of hair growth or much later. All men can be affected, with or without a history of skin problems.

Several factors are responsible for an itchy beard:

  • The growing beard makes the skin underneath it drier and flakier, which causes irritation and facial pruritus.
  • The beard is very exposed to environmental factors such as wind, pollution, sun, tobacco, food, etc. Wearing masks throughout the Covid-19 pandemic also promoted itchy beards from rubbing and moisture build-up.
  • Most men tend to neglect their beards and let them grow without taking care of them. However, the lack of hygiene and hydration of the beard and the underlying skin accentuates the phenomenon of itchy beards. Facial skin care is for everyone, men and women alike! Beards can be maintained with the help of adapted products.

An itchy beard is often a vicious cycle: you scratch, your skin is dried out and damaged, which accentuates the itching on the beard.
As with the rest of the face and body, it's very difficult to keep from scratching your beard.

By scratching, we attack the skin and hair. As a result, the itchy beard is less handsome and less soft than before. The skin under the beard becomes red, tight, itchy and sometimes covered with spots. This thus generates a significant skin discomfort.

Itchy beards sometimes become so problematic that some men prefer to shave their beards rather than keep them. That's a shame when there are simple solutions to combat itchy beards.

How to soothe itching on the beard?

Itchy beards are not a necessary part of life. A few simple rules allow you to take care of your beard on a daily basis:

  • Washing: this seems logical, yet many men are satisfied with a simple cold-water wash in the morning. To avoid having an itchy beard, choose a liquid or solid soap adapted to sensitive skin, a superfatted soap, a syndet or a soothing cleansing oil. Wash and rinse, avoiding water that is too hot, which tends to aggravate pruritus. Dry by dabbing gently with a soft cotton towel, do not rub.
  • Moisturize and nourish: apply a daily moisturizer adapted to your skin type. Vegetable oils are often used for itchy beards. Jojoba, sweet almond, avocado, argan, etc., oils are used alone or in a mixture. Castor oil is interesting because it stimulates hair growth and generally results in a fuller beard.
  • Brushing: It is important to brush your beard regularly to remove impurities and make your beard more disciplined and softer. Be careful not to scratch yourself with the brush or comb! Choose good quality instruments made of natural materials and clean them regularly.
  • Do not forget the lips! Itchy beard is often associated with itching around the mouth. In cases of itchy lips, apply a nourishing and repairing lip balm regularly.
  • Beware of unsuitable and aggressive products containing perfumes and/or alcohols.

In conclusion, the beard is a part of the face that must be taken care of daily to avoid itching.

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