Psoriasis on the face

Psoriasis on the face can take different forms: lesions may appear on the forehead, eyebrows, sides of the nose as well as in beards, on the cheeks, eyelids or ears. The plaques are ultimately smaller than standard psoriasis plaques found on other parts of the body, but they are still red and scaly, and are located in a pretty inconvenient place! Psoriasis on the face is highly visible and therefore difficult to live with. During a flare-up, the skin itches, it tingles, it peels and it is painful, and this combined with other people judging you can become simply unbearable.



Take daily care of your facial skin

Facial skin has specific characteristics: it is thinner and more fragile than on the rest of the body, and it is more exposed to external agents, in particular to changing weather conditions (cold, wind, sun, etc.). This is why it is important to take special care of it on a daily basis:

  • Local treatments must be applied in accordance with the doctor's prescription
  • The skin on your face should be cleansed gently, using a suitable, soap-free cleansing product
  • You should then dab the skin dry with a cotton towel
  • Applying a moisturizer once or several times a day helps to fight skin dryness, improve sensations of comfort and strengthen the skin's protection against external agents
  • Compresses soaked in thermal water or a saline solution instantly soothe itching and the sensation of heat

How to hide facial psoriasis lesions?

Psoriasis on the face, as with conventional psoriasis on the body, doesn’t need to ruin your life! Nowadays, psoriasis lesions can be effectively concealed using corrective make-up. The green pigment contained in some products helps to reduce the redness characteristic of psoriasis, without making the lesions worse.

Corrective make-up is designed for both men and women and makes it easier to live with the disease on a daily basis.

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