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Kertyol P.S.O.

Ducray Dermatological Laboratories offer a complete range of anti-dandruff product, for treatment of the mildest to the most severe conditions.
Anti-dandruff product are divided into 3 ranges according to the condition.
  1. Simple dandruff conditions (dry or oily dandruff): the SQUANORM range
  2. Severe dandruff conditions with itching (seborrheic dermatitis): the KELUAL DS range
  3. Squamous conditions localized in plaques (psoriasis): the KERTYOL P.S.O. range
Kertyol P.S.O.
Kerato-reducing cream
  • Flaky skin conditions
  • Dandruff conditions
Kerato-reducing and calms redness in flaky skin conditions of the body and scalp
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My P.S.O. anti-plaques routine face and body

Action on redness in scaly conditions with plaques.

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