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What are the causes of dry hair?

Our experts answer your most frequently asked questions.

We distinguish between:

  • naturally dry hair
  • dry hair caused by external aggressions

Naturally dry hair:

  • Dry hair can be caused by insufficient sebum secretion. In fact, each pilosebaceous follicle has a sebaceous gland that produces sebum. This substance is rich in lipids (fatty bodies) that surround each hair shaft in order to protect and lubricate it. In the case of naturally dry hair, sebum production is lower, so the hair is not correctly lubricated. The hair is therefore not fully protected.
  • Hair also becomes drier due to aging, as sebum production reduces with age. Furthermore, hormonal changes, such as those observed during menopause, can aggravate this effect.

Dry hair caused by external aggressions. Hair may be subject to various different external aggressions:

  • climate: sun, wind, sea water
  • mechanical: hair dryer, heat styling, intense brushing, hair elastics and hair pins, etc.
  • chemical: oil-stripping shampoos, bleaching, permanent hair dye, or chlorine in swimming pools