Which antiperspirant clothing?

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive perspiration, is a phenomenon that affects between 0.6 and 2.8%(1) of the population. It’s not always easy to identify the causes of excessive perspiration. A distinction is made between primary hyperhidrosis, when the origin is unknown and which appears in childhood or adolescence, and secondary hyperhidrosis, which is induced by a disease or by taking certain medicinal treatments.

Perspiration is normal

Nature has it all worked out, so our body has its own thermoregulation mechanism. In fact, our body secretes sweat to cool itself down. Whenever a situation increases body temperature, such as high heat, fever or intense physical effort, we immediately start sweating to return to 37 °C.

Factors contributing to oversweating

Although it can be difficult to identify causes of oversweating, certain factors are known to trigger excessive perspiration.
Stress, strong emotions, eating certain foods, intense physical activity and wearing inappropriate clothing or shoes that do not allow the feet to breathe sufficiently can all cause excessive perspiration.

Wear appropriate clothing

Natural fibres are more respectful of the skin sweating phenomenon, because they allow air to circulate. Wearing synthetic fibres or polyester promotes sweating, because they prevent skin from breathing.
In case of hyperhidrosis, and to avoid excessive perspiration, it is therefore best to wear only clothes made of natural fibres, like cotton or wool.

Similarly, in terms of footwear, opt for antiperspirant non-occlusive shoes that allow feet to breathe. Avoid boots and shoes with rubber soles insofar as possible, because they prevent feet from breathing. Opt for leather or canvas shoes. If your feet are very sweaty, don’t wear the same pair two days in a row, to give your shoes time to dry.

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