Dexyane MeD


Do you experience itching, irritation or dryness on your body, face or eyelids?


Do you experience itching, irritation or dryness on your hands?  

You might be suffering from eczema. Discover the DUCRAY solutions designed for your type of eczema:

> DEXYANE MeD medical devices help to

• treat
• and limit the recurrence of eczema lesions

> DEXYANE dermo-cosmetic products formulated for VERY DRY SKIN PRONE TO ATOPIC ECZEMA help to

• Repair damaged skin barrier
• Soothe irritations
• Nourish particularly dry skin

*DEXYANE MED Soothing repair cream and DEXYANE MeD Palpebral are both  medical devices.
These are  regulated health products that carry, in accordance with this regulation, the CE mark. Read the information leaflet carefully before use. Ask your pharmacist for more information. Manufactured by Pierre Fabre Medical Devices. Updated: August 2019. 230769.

**Dermo-cosmetic care
Dexyane MeD
Medical device
  • Atopic or contact eyelid eczema
  • Eczema
DEXYANE MeD PALPEBRAL treats atopic and contact eczema lesions and limits their recurrence. Its "ultra-hydrating dressing effect" immediately soothes, decongests and protects the skin.
Dexyane MeD Soothing repair cream 100ml
Dexyane MeD
Soothing repair cream
Medical device
  • Atopic eczema - Contact eczema - Chronic hand eczema
  • Eczema
Dexyane MeD Soothing repair cream treats and promotes the disappearance of eczema lesions, limiting their reccurence. Skin is protected thanks to a pleasant texture that forms a semi-occlusive surface film.