How to hydrate your dry skin

Dry skin can lead to daily discomfort and distress. You may experience tightness, itching, redness, and more. What is the one solution that combats this problem? Hydration. Discover the best routine to restore skin softness and comfort as soon as possible.  
  • how-to-hydrate-dry-skin-ictyane
  • how-to-hydrate-dry-skin-ictyane
Why should you hydrate your skin? Adopting this daily routine guarantees comfort and radiance for your skin. But for those of you with dry skin, this mission can be a bit more complex. All dermatologists recommend opting for effective skin care with expert, dermatologist-approved formulas which deeply hydrate the skin all day long. 

Why do you have dry skin? 

Dry skin is a skin type that lacks the essential lipids needed to form the skin’s “cement”. This structure keeps the epidermal cells bonded together to naturally retain water and thus prevent transepidermal water loss. To stay hydrated, comfortable and radiant, your epidermis needs fat (lipids) and water, both essential elements which work together.

The process is simple: 
  •  water saturates your skin cells and prevents skin dehydration
  • and lipids reinforce the epidermal structure and prevent dryness.  

How to hydrate your skin 

To start, choose skin care that corresponds to your needs. Although all face and body care products offer hydrating action, dry skin needs a little extra help. It is thus crucial that you opt for products with a special indication for “dry skin”. Adapted to provide intense hydration and nourishment for your skin type, these products limit transepidermal water loss and restore comfort and softness with every application. 

Note: Hydrating your face is different from hydrating the skin on your body. In fact, the thickness of your epidermis varies depending on the area of the body. For example, the skin on your face is thinner than that on your arms or legs. This means its needs are different, and you should adapt your routine accordingly.
To protect your skin, you should also have an adapted cleanser, one which respects the skin’s natural pH and protects the hydrolipidic film. Indeed, this step comes before choosing a hydrating product adapted to your needs. 

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How to hydrate your skin from the inside 

Taking care of your skin on the outside is great. But remember to take care of it from the inside as well. The skin contains 30% of the body’s water resources. Natural perspiration from the epidermis results in an average daily loss of 500 ml of water. To maintain your reserves, you must drink water on a daily basis and adopt a healthy lifestyle: eat a balanced diet, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, etc.

By implementing these two tips, in addition to pampering your skin with adapted products, your skin will feel soft, hydrated and comfortable in no time! 

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