Acne and sport

Sport is a great way to feel better in your body and your mind and to improve your overall health. Sport and acne together can be beneficial, but it is sometimes difficult to motivate yourself and overcome the look on other people's faces.



Sport and acne: what’s the use?

First, sport helps to combat stress, both the stress that sparks certain acne flare-ups but also the stress that appears because of acne.

Practicing sport allows you to sweat, oxygenate and eliminate toxins from the body in general and from the skin in particular. Sport can even be thought of as a way of fighting acne on a daily basis.

A few practical tips for sport and acne

Sports and acne, yes, but not just anyhow!

Sport is a source of perspiration. Dry yourself regularly and gently with a towel, then shower after exercise to eliminate sweat and sebum.

If you are doing sport outdoors, remember to protect yourself from the sun with a sun cream adapted to acne-prone skin that is specifically non-comedogenic.

Some sports, especially those that take place in swimming pools or at sea, will tend to dry out the skin. Hydrate the skin before and after the session.

Do not touch spots during or after the session as your hands won’t be very clean after touching the floor, a ball or a bicycle.

Ensuring sport is beneficial for acne means following a few common sense rules. On your marks, get set, go!

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