Beard dandruff

Beards have become fashionable again, and millions of men currently have one and sport it daily. This new trend is not without drawbacks and complications. Lots of men get dandruff on their beard.



What is beard dandruff?

Beard dandruff is the same dandruff seen in the hair.
Dandruff can therefore extend beyond the scalp to reach the beard and even the eyebrows.
Its causes and origins are the same. It is the type of skin beneath the beard and skin irritation that will generate dry or oily dandruff. Irritation can have several causes, including the development of a yeast naturally present on the skin surface, a particular skin sensitivity, excess sebum production, etc.
One in two people suffer from dandruff, which is why the phenomenon is becoming more and more common in beards since these have become more fashionable.

How do I treat beard dandruff?

Faced with the increase in this phenomenon, many men are looking for remedies and products to overcome it.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid beard dandruff. You do not need products formulated specifically for beards. Beard hair is hardly any different from hair on the scalp, it is just the location that is different.
To get rid of this beard dandruff, use an appropriate shampoo and take action to fight the various causes of dandruff. When in the shower, apply the treatment shampoo to not only the hair but also the beard, respecting the conditions of use.
Avoid touching your beard as much as possible to avoid making it even more oily. Also, remember to brush it every day to remove any traces of sebum and dirt. If in doubt, or if the treatment is ineffective, ask your pharmacist for advice.

How to prevent beard dandruff?

All the anti-dandruff treatments available in pharmacies are very effective and give very good results in most cases.

However, the treatments available will treat only the symptoms, they are not a cure. So they cannot prevent beard dandruff. But if you adopt a regular routine using specific products you can get rid of dandruff.

Although a completely harmless condition, having dandruff can seriously affect quality of life and self-image, because it can be stigmatizing.

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