Eczema of the eyelids, eyes or palpebral eczema

Eye eczema is also called eyelid eczema or palpebral eczema. Eczema on the eyelids can affect the entire eye contour, both the upper and lower eyelids.



Symptoms of eyelid eczema

This very localized form of eczema occurs at all ages, especially in older children and adults. The skin of the eyelids is thin and fragile, so it quickly becomes inflamed, red and swollen, especially since we often tend to rub our eyes to relieve ourselves. The discomfort associated with eczema on the eyelids is sometimes so severe that we can no longer open our eyes completely, and the pain can be very intense. In addition, individuals with palpebral eczema may avoid looking people in the eye and may withdraw into themselves.
Dermatitis of the eyelids may be accompanied by conjunctivitis inside the eye.

What causes eyelid eczema?

Eye eczema is often a manifestation of atopic eczema. Other causes of palpebral eczema include contact allergy to an ophthalmic medication, make-up or any other element that is either handborne (nail polish, etc.) or airborne (perfume, etc.).

What is the best treatment for palpebral eczema?

In case of eczema on the eyelids, it is very useful to consult an allergist and to undergo allergy tests in order to identify the responsible agent(s) and to implement avoidance measures. Some ophthalmologists specialize in the management of eczema on the eyelids.

At the same time, the medicinal treatment is based on moderate strength cortisone creams. You shouldn't be afraid to apply a cortisone cream on eyelid eczema, even if the package inserts almost systematically mention avoiding this area, because of the risk of glaucoma and cataracts with prolonged use. It is important to get rid of this inflammation! And in general, a few days of treatment are sufficient. As a follow-up, hydrating and soothing products are applied as often as necessary.
The creams adapted to eyelid eczema contain neither fragrances nor allergenic substances.

Similarly, in case of eyelid eczema, opt for an eye make-up that is both light and hypoallergenic, and a gentle make-up remover.

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