ELUTION – Loose dandruff

There are different types of loose dandruff, whether dry or oily, related, or not, to seborrheic dermatitis, which all require suitable shampoos and treatments. But how can I avoid recurring loose dandruff after a treatment? We have developed a specific product for this: The ELUTION shampoo, for frequent use, to prevent the reappearance of loose dandruff.

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Learn more about dandruff
Learn more about dandruff

When should I use the ELUTION range?

The ELUTION shampoo should be used in two cases:

  1. During the treatment phase for dandruff: it is used in alternation with the treatment shampoo, as often as necessary.
  2. As a follow-up or maintenance treatment. Frequent use therefore makes it possible to limit the reappearance of loose dandruff effectively.   

What can I do to avoid recurring loose dandruff?

Almost every second person experiences loose dandruff in their lifetime. The appearance of dandruff is chronic, which means that loose dandruff comes back over time. To help eliminate loose dandruff more durably and limit recurrence, the use of a special shampoo is strongly recommended. 
Many effective hair care shampoos are available to treat loose dandruff. Once this processing stage is over and in order to eliminate loose dandruff more durably by limiting its reappearance, it is recommended that the ELUTION gentle rebalancing shampoo be used.

We recommend the Elution shampoo in the following care routines:

The routine for dry loose dandruff 
The routine for oily loose dandruff The DS loose dandruff routine The PSO loose dandruff routine


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