Dandruff Conditions

Dandruff Conditions

Loose dandruff is small skin plaques that can be seen on the scalp as well as the skin of the face and body (also known as flakes). There are several possible causes, including a simple loose dandruff condition, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and cradle cap in babies. Our various haircare ranges offer an adapted and complete solution for each type of loose dandruff.

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Find out more about loose dandruff
Find out more about loose dandruff

Our care routines for loose dandruff

Our care routines for skin prone to stubborn dry plaques

How can I determine the type of loose dandruff I have?

Losse dandruff on the scalp?

There are different types of loose dandruff: 

  • Loose dandruff that falls in flakes, without itching. This is dry loose dandruff.
  • Loose dandruff that sticks to the scalp, without itching. This is oily loose dandruff.
  • More severe loose dandruff that sticks to the scalp, associated with redness and itching that can be very severe. It can also be accompanied by redness and flaking on the sides of the nose, eyebrows or chest. This is probably seborrheic dermatitis

To get rid of loose dandruff, it is important to know how to characterize it in order to use the most suitable products and to guarantee better efficacy.

Loose dandruff and plaques of dry skin on the scalp and body?

Are you faced with plaques of thick, dry skin on the scalp and/or body, prone to redness and sometimes even intense itching? This could be psoriasis

On top of medicinal treatments and to promote the elimination of these plaques, redness and itching, a gentle and suitable care routine is necessary.

Which products should I use in case of loose dandruff?

What are the best products for dry and oily loose dandruff?

The SQUANORM range has been specially developed to effectively eliminate loose dandruff: a specific shampoo for every type of loose dandruff, and a complementary lotion in case of severe itching. 

In order to prolong the results, we recommend using the right shampoo once the flare-up has passed. ELUTION Gentle Rebalancing Shampoo is specially formulated to limit recurrence.

  • Discover the routine for dry loose dandruff
  • Discover the routine for oily loose dandruff 

What products should I use to soothe and eliminate intense loose dandruff with itching?

Whether it is on the scalp or face and/or body, the KELUAL DS range offers suitable products. Includes a treatment shampoo for use during flare-ups when loose dandruff and itching appear. In addition, to limit recurrence, we recommend using a suitable shampoo, like the ELUTION Gentle Rebalancing Shampoo. 

For plaques on the face and body, the KELUAL DS Squamo-Reducing Soothing Cream will help to soothe redness and remove plaques. 

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  • Discover the anti-redness, anti-flakes care routine for face and body

Which products should I use for skin prone to stubborn dry plaques?

In order to soothe and remove plaques, the KERTYOL PSO range offers a complete treatment package, with certain products adapted for the body and others for the scalp. 
This range also includes a moisturising balm, a must when caring for skin prone to stubborn dry plaques. 

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  • Discover the PSO care routine
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