What cosmetic hair care products are available for hair loss?

When confronted with hair loss, choosing the right anti-hair loss product can be a challenge. Here are our options for finding the one that will help you fight effectively against this benign yet sometimes debilitating affliction.



Anti-hair loss lotion and shampoo: products that are both essential and complementary

In response to the question “how do you combat hair loss?”, replacing your conventional shampoo with an anti-hair loss shampoo is a crucial step towards curbing both occasional and chronic hair loss. This alone, however, is not enough. Its formula (ideally a trio of vitamins, minerals and proteins) strengthens the hair shaft, but it has also been developed to prepare the scalp to receive an anti-hair loss treatment and maximize its effects.

Although you have a whole range of galenics from which to choose an anti-hair loss product for women or an anti-hair loss product for men, the lotions remains the most appropriate option. Thanks to its light texture, it is suitable for all hair types and leaves hair easy to style with no oily feel. But most of all, after two months of (regular) use, this natural anti-hair loss product will deliver amazing results. For the best results, choose a lotion adapted to the hair loss type:

  • lotions against chronic hair loss prevent hair from falling out and reinforce the existing fiber, making it stronger and more resistant.
  • lotions specifically formulated for occasional hair loss preserve hair density, reduce hair loss significantly and reactivate growth.

How to fight against hair loss and choose the right anti-hair loss lotion

While this no-rinse anti-hair loss product is always to be applied on dry or damp hair over the course of a two- or three-month treatment, its composition and use vary depending on the type of hair loss:

  • If you suffer from temporary, or occasional, hair loss, choose a lotion that contains energizing active ingredients like creatine, tetrapeptide and various B vitamins (B2: riboflavin; B5: pantothenic acid; B6: biotin).
  • If you are a man and suffer from chronic hair loss lasting more than six months, choose an anti-hair loss product for men specifically. It contains, for example, peptidoxyl-4 and monolaurin, which help stimulate micro-circulation in the scalp and regenerate hair follicle cells.
  • If you are a woman and suffer from chronic hair loss as well as a reduction in hair mass, opt for an anti-hair loss product for women. This invigorating lotion stops hair loss and stimulates growth.
What is your kind of hair density loss ?

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Our specific formulas for loss of hair density

Adopt our hair care products for all types of hair density loss.

Pro-density complement shampoo

ANAPHASE+ Pro-density complement shampoo

Revitalizes - Helps to strengthen - Prevents loss of hair density

Strengthening lotion

CREASTIM REACTIV Strengthening lotion

Slows down hair loss - Boost growth - Densifies hair

Strenghtening & thickening serum

NEOPTIDE EXPERT Strenghtening & thickening serum

Slows down hair loss - Boost growth - Densifies hair - Volumises - Increases hair anchorage - Increases hair thickness

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