What shampoo should you use for hair loss?

Whatever is causing your hair loss, using an adapted shampoo is essential to prepare the scalp to receive targeted care products. Objective: to help key active ingredients absorb into the scalp in order to restore hair’s strength and vitality.




Shampoo, the first step in the fight against alopecia

If you are experiencing abnormal hair loss (more than 60 hairs per day), you must adopt the right habits in response. Adapt your hair care routine by incorporating products that are targeted to treat this type of pathology. All dermatologists agree that you need to swap your conventional shampoo for a special anti-hair loss shampoo. It contains the energizing elements required to boost the metabolism of the bulb cells in the hair shaft. Plus, it offers the added benefit of preparing the scalp, on a daily basis, for local treatment with, for example, the application of an anti-hair loss lotion. Finally, instead of having a specific anti-hair loss shampoo for men and an anti-hair loss shampoo for women, formulas have been adapted to the different types of hair loss: occasional or chronic.


How to choose an anti-hair loss shampoo (and apply it correctly)

Opt for a special anti-hair loss shampoo with a formula developed to handle your specific condition effectively. The active ingredients recognized by healthcare professionals for the treatment of hair loss are B vitamins (B2, PP, B5, B6, B8 or B9). They play an essential physiological role in cellular metabolism, cell renewal and the formation of the hair shaft. It has been proven that a vitamin B deficiency can exacerbate the hair loss phenomenon.

Complementary steps you can take to optimize the anti-hair loss efficacy:

  • Apply your anti-hair loss shampoo by lightly massaging it, with your fingertips, in a circular motion moving inwards toward the top of the head: this helps supply oxygen to the scalp and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Finish off your routine with a hair loss product, like an anti-hair loss lotion. It keeps hair strong by reducing hair loss significantly and stimulating growth. Note that different types of anti-hair loss lotions are available and should be chosen based on the type of hair loss (occasional or chronic). Please feel free to consult your pharmacist.
  • Finally, to help you in your fight against alopecia, begin a treatment of food supplements adapted to hair loss. This daily habit will, depending on the type of hair loss you have, stimulate growth or slow down hair loss.
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